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The Tree of Hope Campaign unveils two major projects in Moncton

Moncton, Friday, October 27, 2017 – The Tree of Hope Campaign has revealed details about two of its initiatives for the 2017 edition of the campaign. The announcement took place at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre in Moncton.

“We are happy to announce that among our projects this year are Dynamic Adaptive Radiation Therapy, as well as the Mohs surgery technique,” says Denis Larocque, Co-Chair of the Tree of Hope Campaign. “The first project will help the centre provide faster, more precise radiation therapy treatments, while the second one will vastly improve treatment of certain skin cancers. Both projects will have a very positive impact on the quality of care offered at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre!”

Sylvain Nadeau, a medical physicist at the Oncology Centre, is very enthusiastic about this news.

“Dynamic Adaptive Radiation Therapy will allow us to better target affected tissue during treatment and reduce damage to healthy tissue. It will be used for the majority of our patients. By reducing the dosage to surrounding organs and tissues, this new technology will help diminish the side effects of treatment. The length of the treatment for external radiation therapy treatment will also be significantly reduced. This is great news for patients. Thank you to everyone who supports the campaign and help us to acquire this new technology!“

Thanks to the second project, dermatologists at the CHU Dumont will be able to perform Mohs micrographic surgery procedures.

“As a specialized physician, I am thrilled that we will soon be able to offer this type of procedure to patients,” explains dermatologist Dr. Eva Coulibaly. “This specialized surgical procedure will allow us to ensure complete excision of cancerous tumours. Skin layers are removed sequentially and then examined under a microscope, preserving as much healthy skin as possible. This method can be used to treat several types of cancer, and we believe it will be very beneficial to patients. We are very grateful to donors!”

The total cost of investing in these two initiatives will be ¾ of a million dollars.

Last week, the Tree of Hope Campaign announced that donations to the 2017 campaign would be used to fund the purchase of new treatment chairs for patients receiving treatment at the Edmundston Regional Hospital. These specialized treatment chairs will be more comfortable for patients and more ergonomic for staff.

Other key projects will be announced in the coming weeks.

Past Co-Chairs honoured

The Tree of Hope Campaign took advantage of the unveiling of these two initiatives to honour Robert Maillet, who has served as Co-Chair of the campaign for the past two years. Mr. Maillet was presented with a special work of art created by artist Mathieu Francoeur, who is a cancer survivor himself and one of the campaign’s treekepers.

“Robert was an exceptional Co-Chair, and I can tell you that volunteers, patients and donors were happy to stand beside him,” said Jacques B. LeBlanc, President and CEO of the CHU Dumont Foundation. “Robert gave a lot of his time to this cause, and we knew we could count on him. Today, we would like to thank him and recognize the positive impact he had on the campaign.”

After losing his own battle with cancer, Denis Richard, who served as Co-Chair alongside Robert Maillet in 2016, was also recognized with a work of art.

“Denis left a lasting mark on the Tree of Hope Campaign,” explained Jacques B. LeBlanc. “We presented him with the Mathieu Francoeur piece privately this summer, and I can tell you that he was very touched. He gave a lot to this cause, and we will never forget him.”


 Important Dates:

November 2: Lighting of the Tree of Hope, Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre in Moncton, 6 p.m.

November 24: Tree of Hope Radiothon from 6-9 a.m. on CBC Information Morning, and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on ICI Radio-Canada Première, live from CCNB Dieppe.


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