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2016 Priorities

Real-time treatment tracking systems
Donations will help fund a new treatment monitoring system that measures or analyses in real-time every treatment delivered by our linear accelerators. This system will allow us to compare and validate that the actual delivered treatments are identical to those planned for each patient.

Linear Accelerator Upgrades for the remaining multileaf collimators
This project will lead to the upgrade of the multileaf collimators used on linear accelerators. This is required to increase precision of radiotherapy treatments. Thanks to these upgrades, all four accelerators will be up to date, allowing the machines to target tumours more accurately without causing damage to the healthy cells around them.

Crucial improvements to the Surgery Unit for oncology patients
Funds will help finance important improvements to the Surgical Unit, specifically for surgical procedures for cancer patients: Bronchoscope (lung cancer); Bipolar Surgery (bladder and prostate cancers); Tourniquet System (melanoma cancers); HD Endoeye (digestive, ovarian and uterine cancers); Laparoscopic system for gynecology (ovarian and uterine cancers).

Upgrading equipment in satellite units
Funds raised during the 2016 campaign will help improve equipment and services at regional satellite units, with the goal of offering patients from all over New Brunswick the best care possible.

Improvements at the Mgr.-Henri-Cormier Lodge
Thanks to the public’s generosity, many projects will go forward at the Lodge, including the replacement of beds, chairs and curtains. Funds will also be used to continue making the Lodge even more welcoming to patients from all over the province.

Pediatric Leukemia Research
The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI) is currently working on a project that aims to better identify an appropriate treatment for various types of pediatric leukemia. Since leukemia is one of the most common cancers in children, research in this field was identified as a priority.

Give hope

Each donation made to the Tree of Hope campaign contributes directly to improving health services in oncology

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