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The following projects have been identified for the 2014 Tree of Hope Campaign:

  1. Restoring the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre
    Given the increasing rate of traffic, we will proceed with the creation of new radiotherapy and medical oncology consultation rooms in order to better tailor services and care to patient needs.

  2. Restoring the chemotherapy room
    Offer greater comfort for patients and make the clinic more functional for the delivery of health care.

  3. Improving telemedicine services (Campbellton, Edmundston, Caraquet) for better remote care.
    In some cases, patients will be able to meet with their oncologist via a well-adapted teleconference system in the healthcare setting. This will help avoid traveling to Moncton simply for routine follow-ups.

  4. Implementing the Mosaiq system
    Comprehensive management of oncology patients’ medical records using a single system. With the ability to integrate with external diagnostic and laboratory systems, MOSAIQ® provides a complete picture of patient care.

  5. Purchasing mammography equipment, breast tomosynthesis
    This tomosynthesis system is a mammography machine that provides 3D digital images for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. The 3D images provide additional information that helps doctors better detect and diagnose breast cancer.

  6. Mgr Henri-Cormier Lodge - Improvement fund
    This fund is used to carry out various projects for improving the premises in order to maintain the comfort of patients staying at the Lodge.

  7. Cancer research
    The funds raised during the campaign will be used to improve research capabilities in various oncology applications.

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