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Supporting Northern Satellite Units

Funds raised during the 2017 Tree of Hope Campaign will help improve equipment and services at regional satellite units, with the goal of offering patients from all over New Brunswick the best care possible. These are some of our priorities for 2017: 
  • Purchase of “Vein Viewers”: This vein finder can help improve the patient’s experience by reducing the number of sticks, potentially improving intravenous catheter dwell times and avoiding associated complications.
  • Purchase of new treatment chairs: The purchase of new chairs for cancer patients in Northern Satellite Units will have a significant impact on the patients’ comfort, all while making it easier for medical personnel, thanks to improved ergonomics.
  • In partnership with the Friends of Healthcare Foundation in Campbellton, we will be able to purchase : 
    • A cryostat, which will be used to diagnose and monitor cancer;
    • Two radiography monitors, which will be used to diagnose breast cancer;
    • Six specialized treatment chairs, which will be more comfortable for patients and more ergonomic for the medical staff;
    • Two vital sign monitors for oncology patients;
    • A refrigerator, which will be used to keep cancer medications at a constant temperature.
Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre
  • Mohs surgery technique: Thanks to donations to the 29th Tree of Hope Campaign, we will be able to offer the Mohs surgery technique. This specialized procedure was introduced in 1938 by Dr. Frederic Mohs. It will allow our specialists to ensure complete excision of cancerous tumours. Skin layers are removed sequentially and then examined under a microscope, preserving as much healthy skin as possible. This method can be used to treat several types of cancer, and we believe it will be very beneficial to patients. Close to $250,000 will be invested in this project.
  • Dynamic Adaptive Radiation Therapy: Dynamic Adaptive Radiation Therapy will allow us to better target affected tissue during treatment and reduce damage to healthy tissue. It will be used for the majority of our patients. By reducing the dosage to surrounding organs and tissues, this new technology will help diminish the side effects of treatment. The length of the treatment for external radiation therapy treatment will also be significantly reduced. Close to half of million dollars will be invested in this project.
  • “Arm Shuttle”: These big pillows help stabilize the patient’s position so he/she can receive radiation treatments. Donations to the Campaign will help us purchase two of these.
  • Fletcher applicator: The Fletcher applicator is used for CT scans or MRIs, and is designed for brachytherapy (radiation). It is used for cervical cancers. $175,000 will be invested in this project.
  • PET/CT scanner: Thanks to donations to the 29th Tree of Hope Campaign, we will be able to make the last instalment for the purchase of the PET/CT scanner ($150,000). This state-of-the-art medical imaging device has had a huge impact on how we treat cancer in our province. Thanks to this technology, nuclear medicine specialists are able to diagnose early-stage cancers quickly, determine whether they have spread, assess how patients react to treatment, and perform more effective follow-up. The PET/CT scanner offers our highly-qualified specialists numerous benefits that support our hospital as a centre of excellence in the treatment of cancer. The Tree of Hope Campaign has contributed over $2 million towards the purchase of this key piece of equipment.
Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge
Donations to the 29th Tree of Hope Campaign will help us continue to support maintenance and improvement projects at the Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge. The Lodge accommodates 85 patients from the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre free of charge. It offers a sharing and supportive environment to patients and out-of-town residents throughout New Brunswick and neighbouring provinces. In the last year alone, over 1,800 patients stayed at the Lodge, free of charge. 

Cancer Research
Donations to the Tree of Hope Campaign also help support cancer research. The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1998. It brings together the only research team of its kind in the Atlantic Provinces. ACRI is the most important cancer research centre in Atlantic Canada.

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Each donation made to the Tree of Hope campaign contributes directly to improving health services in oncology

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