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The following projects will benefit from the generosity of numerous donors this year:

Health care improvements
  • Renovations on Unit 4D: 4D is where patients receive chemotherapy treatments during weekends. This sector requires improvements in order to make it more effective and comfortable.
  • Upgrade of multi-leaf collimators on one or two accelerators: The new collimator(s) significantly improve(s) the precision of radiation therapy. By replacing these pieces on the accelerator, it is possible to better target the tumour without damaging the surrounding healthy cells.

Improvements to the Mgr-Henri-Cormier Lodge
  • Purchase of an air-conditioning system: Patients staying at the Lodge receive treatments that are often aggressive, lowering their resistance. In warm weather, the Lodge can become very uncomfortable.
  • Purchase of new furniture: The Lodge has been taking in patients from across the province and beyond since 1993. Some pieces of furniture must be replaced in order to ensure comfort for the patients.

  • Pediatric leukemia research: The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute is currently carrying out a project aimed at better identifying the treatment required for treating the different variations of pediatric leukemia. Remember that leukemia is one of the most common types of cancer among children.

Give hope

Each donation made to the Tree of Hope campaign contributes directly to improving health services in oncology

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